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Maintenance of important parts of motorcycle

2017-05-26 15:16:24

I. maintenance of spark plugs

Spark plug is the key component of motorcycle engine. The normal combustion of the mixture is the key to the normal operation of the engine. First of all, the type of spark plugs used in each engine is different, mainly heating value, thread size, etc., so you must use the specified type of spark plug (specific reference manual).

Normal combustion of the engine, unscrew the spark plug to observe, the electrode should be normal red ochre, if black, that is, carbon deposition, indicating that the mixture is too thick, combustion is not enough, should clean up carbon deposition. Use cone to clean the central electrode groove and L carbon electrode; adjust the spark plug gap: GS125 (0.6-0.9mm), QS150T (0.7-0.8mm), spark plug carbon will hinder the good spark, and may lead to fire off; if the spark plug easily wet or burned white, that spark plug heat values do not match. The spark plug should adapt to a repair shop replacement phase (usually can prepare a new spark plug standby).

Two. Maintenance of air filter

Clean the air filter should be carried out according to the following steps: 1, from the car to remove the air filter cartridge; 2, if the filter is sponge foam, available neutral detergent solution carefully cleaning, do not wring dry, clean water, 2-3 drops of oil (for tiny dust adsorption in the air, with uniform holding) according to the status quo, put back; if it is not available to cut paper filter, liquid cleaning, can be forced to knock out the internal dust conditions with compressed air by blowing the air inlet direction (do not be reversed, otherwise it will blow dust core pore blocking will feed more serious). 3, put back the filter installation should pay attention to the direction and the inlet direction; 4, driving in the dust, dirty environment, should increase the frequency of cleaning, or rupture of a paper filter soaked sponge found immediately replaced with a new one, otherwise it will damage the engine or the black smoke.

Three 、 oil filter maintenance

The new car in the running in period (0-1200Km), just in the running period is over, that is, 1200 kilometers when the replacement of oil, do not have to change in 300, 500, or 800 km. Because the engine is out of the factory, the factory added expensive running agent, premature replacement will cause unnecessary waste.

After the running in period, every 2000-3000 kilometers and then change the oil, users can master their own. But the replacement of new oil, the filter does not change is not possible. When the engine is in lubrication, the oil pump sucks the oil out of the bottom tank. First, press in the oil filter, filter the clean oil and then transport it to the cylinder head, crankshaft, and transmission parts. If the filter is too dirty, poor filtering effect of oil, oil output is reduced, each part is not good lubrication, it will cause excessive wear, so the heavy oil change is not enough, we must also change the filter.

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