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Demand for Chinese motorcycle products will be polarized

2017-05-26 15:16:24

Core tip: in recent years, China's motorcycle market growth momentum slowed significantly, the first 5 months of this year, motorcycle industry production and sales fell by about 10%, the lowest in 5 years. How will China's motorcycle market develop in the future? Zero research consulting group, through a random survey of consumer spending intentions in several cities across the country, concludes that...


The "sunset industry" the hat on the head of the motorcycle industry has been for many years, many people think that the motorcycle market by the policy restrictions (such as motorcycles, city limit line), alternatives (such as cars, electric cars and other emerge in an endless stream) influence the development and maintenance of difficult. However, according to statistics from the China Automobile Industry Association, in 2011, China's motorcycle production and sales reached 27 million 5 thousand vehicles and 26 million 928 thousand vehicles, and still maintained a rising trend.

But at the same time, we also see that the growth momentum is slowing down China motorcycle market in recent years, for example, in 2010 China's total motorcycle industry completed a total sales of 26 million 694 thousand vehicles and 26 million 592 thousand cars, an increase of 5% and 4.4%; but by 2011, production and sales grew by only 1.2% and 1.3%, which made us feel the coolness.

How will China's motorcycle market develop in the future? What do consumers think of the motorcycle market in China? With these questions, we surveyed consumers from several cities in the country and recovered 1110 eligible samples. Through the arrangement and analysis of consumers' opinions and the study of the motorcycle market in the past few years, we believe that, in terms of products, the demand for motorcycle products in China will be polarized in the future.

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